Becoming a member … what to expect

This section of the website is designed to give you an insight into the types of membership and partnership schemes that are available at The Manchester Golf Club. There is a brief explanation of each category, what you can expect from that category of membership and details of the cost to join. If you would like any further information about membership please contact Steve Boustead in the Club Office on 0161 643 3202 (Extension 2) or our professional Brian Connor on 0161 655 3668 or use the Contact Us button below to email.

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A full range of memberships is available at the Manchester Golf Club and at present all membership categories are open. The entrance fee for Seven Day membership is the equivalent of one year’s subscription (currently £1185), payable in full on admittance. However AT PRESENT there is NO ENTRANCE FEE payable in respect of any category of membership. Annual subscriptions for the year commencing 1st February 2016 are detailed below:

Membership Category Cost to join Entrance Fee
Full £1185 Currently N/A
Over 65* £1015 N/A
Six Day £1015 N/A
Six Day Over 65* £850 N/A
Five Day £850 N/A
Five Day Over 65* £685 N/A
* Subject to 30 completed years as a Member of the Club
Joint Membership ** £1810 N/A
** Including one 7 day and one 6 day member for couples living in the same household
Joint Membership Over 65 *** £1760 N/A
*** Subject to one member having 30 completed years and the other 20 completed years 
Foundation £445 N/A
Country – available to ex playing members who reside over 50 miles from Club. £420 N/A
7 Day Intermediate up to 21 years £360 N/A
7 Day Intermediate 22-24 years £535 N/A
7 Day Intermediate 25-27 years £715 N/A
7 Day Intermediate 28-29 years £895 N/A
6 Day Intermediate up to 21 years £310 N/A
6 Day Intermediate 22-24 years £440 N/A
6 Day Intermediate 25-27 years £605 N/A
6 Day Intermediate 28-29 years £770 N/A
All age related categories are determined by ages at 1st February 2017
Associate Junior 7-10 years £100 N/A
Juniors 11-17 years £195 N/A
Juniors 18-21 years £210 N/A
Social (including VAT) £60 N/A

Subscriptions may be settled in 10 installments by Direct Debit commencing February 2017, subject to a charge of £35 for this facility.