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Our list of Club Rules and Regulations is straightforward and in line with the traditions of the club. These regulations have been put in place to ensure that standards of dress and behaviour in the clubhouse and on the course are kept as high as possible – we are sure that they will be appreciated by all who enjoy the finest the game has to offer.

Making yourself aware of the rules will avoid any embarrassment to yourself or to officials and members of the club. For us, the ownership and maintenance of this historic course and clubhouse is a source of great pride and pleasure. Naturally we wish every golfer who plays here to enjoy our course and facilities to the full.

Dress rules on the course

  • No denim jeans or other forms of denim wear.
  • No wearing of tee shirts and shirts without collars or sleeves.
  • No training, track or sports shoes.
  • No track suits.
  • No wearing of trousers inside socks unless specifically designed for the purpose.
  • Gentlemen may wear tailored shorts on the golf course.

Rules in the Clubhouse

Hopwood Suite, Mixed lounge and the 19th – Smart casual wear except on special occasions as notified on the notice board.

  • Smart casual wear excludes training, track or sports shoes.
  • No denim jeans, denim wear or track / shell suits.
  • No shirts without sleeves or collars.

Gentlemen may wear tailored shorts (see illustrated example) in the 19th Bar and Mixed Lounge up until 7.00pm, provided they are worn with shoes/sandals (not golf shoes). Patch pockets on shorts and trousers are not permitted and shirts must be kept tucked in, both on the Course and in the Clubhouse.

Course Care and Player Consideration

Please leave the course as you would expect to find it by repairing all pitch marks and replacing divots.

Give players around you due consideration by keeping up with pace of play and call the game behind you through, if you lose a hole on the players in front.

All visitors must sign the Visitors Book and pay green fees before playing and display their temporary membership tags visibly on their golf bag.

In the unlikely event that the rules are not complied with Manchester Golf Club reserves the right to request any visitor to leave the course and/or clubhouse.

Please follow these rules and enjoy your golf at Manchester Golf Club!

MGC extends a warm welcome to all visitors. Book a round of golf on our championship course today.

Set in over 240 acres or in metric terms one square kilometre the course is predominantly moorland in character but with heathland and parkland features – when you play this course you will find yourself surrounded by scenic, rural views.

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Thinking of joining the club?

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Should you have a specific enquiry please do not hesitate to get in touch with a member of our team.

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