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Open Mixed Team – 23 April 2023

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Congratulations to all the competitors who took part in the Mixed Team Open at Hopwood on Sunday 23 April. Many great scores on the day including the following prize winners:


Andy Williamson, Caroline Williamson, Mark Oldfield & Angela Gerrard

88 Points
Second Place

Robin Tweedale, Pete Evans, Julie Evans & Patricia Tweedale

87 Points
Third Place

Andy Lomas, Darren Wilson, Anna Lomas & Karen Wilson

87 Points after CPO
Fourth Place

Richard Stacey, Chris White, Katherine Stacey & Jane White

85 Points
Fifth Place

Alan Starmer, Vicky Akin, Paul Cain & Stella Cain

84 Points

We are delighted to have hosted such a strong field throughout the day and hope you will return to the Club again soon.  Vouchers have been sent to the home clubs of each team.

Coming soon

A number of golfers were interested in the development project to the left of the 17th and 18th holes which will become the Manchester Golf Academy. Opening in 2022, this will include a 350 yard driving range, indoor and on-grass bay and a short game area featuring a 575m2 green modelled on the existing course architecture. Further information on this exicting project can be found here. A limited number of Academy memberships will be available and may be of interest to members of other clubs and Festival Week guests. The waiting list for these memberships is now open, details of which are available via the link below.

Manchester Golf Academy Membership

Opens & Festival Week

Limited places from £30 per player, Events for All

Opens & Festival Week

Our open competitions for all categories of golfer are a highlight of the year - book now to secure your place.
Find Out More

Trackman Virtual Course

Manchester Golf Club Virtual Course on Trackman & Trackman Range Trackman, who we are proud the partner at our Range & Academy, have selected Manchester

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