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Wildlife at Hopwood Holes Fifteen to Eighteen

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Please Take Care of the Wildlife

The wildlife flourishes thanks to the natural landscape and space afforded by the expanse of the golf course. Please help us to protect their environment and habitat by observing from a distance and remember that there are no public rights of way.

Fifteenth Hole

Along the whole length of this easterly facing hole is a vibrant new woodland. Rowan trees along the edge provide migrant thrushes like Fieldfares and Redwings with an abundance of berries. Those that fall to the ground will be eaten by the resident Missile Thrushes. In some winters migrant Long Eared Owls roost in the cover of the hawthornes before hunting the course at night for voles.

Sixteenth Hole

In wintertime sun rises directly behind this long par 3 providing a wonderful setting as the mist and frost clears.
The pilon to the left of the hole provides a good vantage point for a Peregrine to hunt Pigeons on the course.
However, the main wildlife attraction of this hole is the sandy bank downstream of the path. Each year this bank is dug vertical so that when the Sand Martins return they have a perfect site to dig out their nesting-tunnels. Some years as many as 30pairs breed and they benefit the golfers by eating the millions of flying ants that would otherwise cause some irritation. Better still in recent times Kingfishers have also benefitted from this sandy bank and reared young for the first time ever..

Seventeenth Hole

As you work your way down this hole this is the closest you will come to the nest-site of a breeding pair of Barn Owls so watch out for their presence, especially at dusk. Any seed-bearing plants will attract charms of Goldfinches.

Eighteenth Hole

Carrion Crows regularly dig the fairways for grubs and can cause considerable damage so control is necessary. In recent years Oyster Catchers feed on this fairway and fly with their prey to the roofs of Stakehill Industrial estate where they have their young. Their bills are not as destructive as those of the Crows. On the left of the fairway regenerating Oaks are controlled by the Roe Deer who love their fresh Oak leaves.

Photography Copyright & Courtesy of Gordon Yates

Long-time time member and wildlife enthusiast, Gordon has been studying and cataloging the wildlife at Manchester Golf Club for more than 40 years. Gordon has been a member of the RSPB for over 50 years and is an Honorary Life member of three local wildlife groups in acknowledgement of his contribution to Wildlife Conservation.

Gordon has won several still photography awards with BBC television, RSPB, Scottish Wildlife and the Scottish Ornithologist Club.
The entire Wildlife Gallery on this website has been photographed by Gordon at the golf club and kindly provided with his compliments for members and visitors to enjoy. He hopes that everyone will enjoy the wildlife and will help us to protect the unique environment so that it will continue to flourish.

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