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Wildlife at Hopwood Holes Ten to Fourteen

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Please Take Care of the Wildlife

The wildlife flourishes thanks to the natural landscape and space afforded by the expanse of the golf course. Please help us to protect their environment and habitat by observing from a distance and remember that there are no public rights of way.

Tenth & Eleventh Holes

As you tee-off from the tenth hole you drive over a pond on your left.This lily covered pond is home to Great Crested Newts and a pair of Moorhens – the only breeding pair on the course. Mature gorse bushes by the green are inhabited by Song Thrushes. The eleventh is a short par 4 with dense willows and bog on the left-hand side. This is the best hole to encounter Bullfinches, although you are most likely to hear the single note call rather than see them.

Twelfth Hole

A classic wildlife hole with Oak woods and ponds on the left, Oak woods on the right and a bluebell wood beyond the green. Jays are common on this hole, especially in Autumn, when they are storing Acorns. The Oaks are also home to one pair of Tawny Owls. The bluebell wood beyond the green is the best on the course. It was here in l998 that a pair of Woodcock bred and reared young – it was to be the only nest of a Woodcock found in Greater Manchester last century!

Thirteenth Hole

The second crossing of the stream and another chance to encounter a Kingfisher. The valley is hunted daily by several Kestrels and you have the opportunity to spot foxes.

Fourteenth Hole

There is much to see on this dog-leg par 5 especially below the tee and at the stream. The largest area of gorse on the course is below the tee so there is bound to be a pair of Long Tailed Tits nesting. The stream itself is home to Grey Wagtails. Recently a Green Sandpiper from Scandinavia spent a couple of weeks on the stream.In wintery conditions Jack Snipe from Lapland may also feed at the stream which never freezes over. In summer Foxgloves are prolific. They provide Whitethroats with a perfect song-post.Present nearby are more of the courses Roe Deer.

Photography Copyright & Courtesy of Gordon Yates

Long-time time member and wildlife enthusiast, Gordon has been studying and cataloging the wildlife at Manchester Golf Club for more than 40 years. Gordon has been a member of the RSPB for over 50 years and is an Honorary Life member of three local wildlife groups in acknowledgement of his contribution to Wildlife Conservation. Gordon has won several still photography awards with BBC television, RSPB, Scottish Wildlife and the Scottish Ornithologist Club.

The entire Wildlife Gallery on this website has been photographed by Gordon at the golf club and kindly provided with his compliments for members and visitors to enjoy. He hopes that everyone will enjoy the wildlife and will help us to protect the unique environment so that it will continue to flourish.

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